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Blah Blah Blah, Witty Repartee....Yackity Smackity, Snappy Retort

Speak and Be Recognized by Your Empress, Mortal

SSA McGeek
Describe mcgarrygirl78 in 5 words.....

Welcome to mcgarrygirl78's journal. What you'll see on a daily cruise around these parts: fangirl squee, proletariat rants, fic pimping, rare pairing, random rambles, and lots of watching of the local news, Law and Order, and Criminal Minds. You will be drawn in to her love for Paget Brewster, coffee, gel pens, and the Investigation Discovery Channel. She sometimes talks about politics, but always behind a cut, and loves to throw out random sentences about schmucky celebrities or other general schmuckiness.

She's a bit of a homebody, some would say a hermit, with a wicked sense of humor and a love of Moscato. Varied interests keep the conversation lively and friends are always encouraged to join in the fun. Varied opinions are also welcome though she doesnt like fighting so there will be none of that. She loves her cats, her notebooks, her music, and her massive collection of underwear, bras and socks. Weekends are treated like holidays and celebrated accordingly.

If you are interested in her fic (Criminal Minds & Law and Order), check out lairofthemuses. If you want to bask in her stellar moderator abilities, hit up hotch_prentiss.

ONE RULE, AND ITS GOLDEN: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Live by that and we will get along just fine. Differing opinions are totally welcome, as long as we all remain respectful.

ONE MORE THING: Don't take icons that are labeled as unshareable...that's just rude. All others are up for grabs but remember to credit the icon makers because they make it all possible : )

LAYOUT by refuted....mothergoddamn made the amazing header for me : )

ERIN STRAUSS MOOD THEME by agsmith01. I cannot contain my excitement at its epicness!!!!

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John Spencer Banner by crushing83

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Hotch/Prentiss....close to you by adherent_addict for my birthday

Stamped as Emily Prentiss @ cminds_ratings

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User Number: 14062331
Date Created:10-18-2007
Number of Posts: 2499

mcgarrygirl78 is an avid writer. She loves coffee and frequently cringes while doing the proletariat shuffle.
Strengths: loyalty, brains, funtiems, writing, coffee drinking.
Weaknesses: Holds onto things too long. Ignores lactose intolerance. Not a morning person.
Special Skills: writing, fangirling, online shopping, snacking, belting out oldies.
Weapons: gel pen, coffee mug, Chucks, cell phone, orange soda.
Squee: Paget Brewster, writing, friends, coffee, music, interwebs, weekends.

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You're funny, but many people don't see your funny side. Your subtle dry humor leaves your close friends in stitches.

You have your own quirky ideas about the world. You see so much light and promise.

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You are an amazing storyteller. You always have a new story to relate, and your friends love to listen to you.

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alternate universes, andy rooney, ang lee films, anne boleyn, antonia's line, biographies, black honey lipgloss, body of proof, book em danno, bookstores, breakfast, british accents, castle, charles gibson, coffee, criminal minds, cutter/rubirosa, dictionaries, documentaries, dr. seuss, dylan thomas, emily prentiss, emma thompson, erin strauss, fanfiction, forensic files, gideon/prentiss, googling myself, hating kristen chenoweth, hawaii five-o, hillary rodham clinton, history, hitchcock films, hotch/prentiss, icons, investigation discovery, jack mccoy, jane austen, jason gideon, jill biden, john cusack, john spencer, kate winslet, katharine hepburn, laughing uncontrollably, law and order, leo mcgarry, lisa loeb, literature, love songs, manhattan, martha jones, martina mcbride, messenger bags, michelle obama, miranda hobbes, modern rock, morrissey, music, nora masterson, obscure historical references, oldies, paget brewster, pajamas, patricia clarkson, peter jennings, photography, pilot gel pens, political theory, rainy days, redheads, rilo kiley, rizzoli and isles, road trips, robert b. parker, rossi/strauss, sam champion, sam/jessie, saturdays, simon and garfunkel, social commentary, socks, sonnet #130, spenser, spock/uhura, squeeage, suspense novels, tee shirts, the boondocks, the carpenters, the smiths, the thin man, the west wing, toronto, travel, volunteerism, walking, washington dc, wendy wasserstein, whit stillman films, woody allen films, writing, writing fanfic at work