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19 October 2007 @ 04:52 pm
days off  
I think it would be better to spend my days off basking in the sun somewhere or having coffee with a good friend.  That didnt happen this go round.  I have spent the better half of the day cleaning this place, which had slid past pigsty maybe a week ago, and doing laundry.  I watched Because I Said So, which turned out to be dreadfully mediocre and a waste of Diane Keaton's talent.  I've contemplated washing my hair but have not gotten around to doing it.  I am also supposed to be getting to know my characters better.  I am writing a story for this short story seminar I am taking.  There are a million ideas floating through my head but nothing is coming out on paper.

But this is a four day weekend........inspiration is bpund to come eventually.  Right now I sit, typing out thoughts with Wolf Blitzer on mute.  Maybe the next half of the day will produce better results.  Its getting ready to start storming here, which is some of my favorite weather to work in so......cross your fingers.
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