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08 November 2007 @ 12:27 pm
Life can be a west wing ep  

I can see my damn breath in this office today and all I can think about is 'it's like Ice Station Zebra in here.'

In our meeting today, the receptionist raised her hand to ask a question....classic Donna moment.

I was walking to the soda machine and I dont know if it was the floor or my new shoes, but I slipped.  Total Josh moment.

Zina said she was going to be smarter than me for the whole day.

My GM said in the meeting that as long as she had a job she would be fighting for ours (not exactly what Leo said but my heart swelled thinking of him anyway.)

We all made fun of the owner for his 'difficulty' with the phone intercom system.

Everyone shouts each other's names, not just 'Donna!' or 'Margaret!'

I'm In....: the office
I Feel....: tiredtired
I Hear....: Lisa Loeb