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08 January 2011 @ 02:18 pm
I dont often do public posts as you end up with a vast amount of comment spam from people you never heard of with weird sentences about Harry Potter or Twilight. But there are many people who I am 'friends of' because of my fic and I wanted them to be able to see this too. I hate to call this the post where I toot my horn, that's not it. I wrote 196 fics in 2010. Here are some that stood out for me. Maybe others stood out for you and that's awesome. It's time for the cmfanficawards nominations so if you like my fic, here are some of last year's highlights IMO.

Best Author Overall (This was hard as hell to think about)
The Lucky Seven and the Two Meant to Be
I'll Be Your Champion and You Will Be Mine
Patron Saints and Cardinal Rules
Blood of my Blood

Best One Shot
The Hitchcock Discussion Morgan/Prentiss
Ode on a Grecian Formula Rossi/Strauss
Hey Santa Thicker than Water AU
The One with the Passing of the Torch Hotch/Prentiss

Best Case Fic

Best Series
When We're Together Rossi/Strauss
Meant to Be Sam Kassmeyer/Jessica Brooks AU
fiftysomething Hotch/Prentiss AU
How Soon is Now Hotch/Prentiss AU

Best Comedy
The Whole Foods Experience
Walk Like a Man
What's Your Fantasy?
The Royal We

Best Drama
Who's Standing Now...Who's Standing Tomorrow?
All Alone in the Dark I Faced my Fears
I Fall into an Ocean of You, Pull Me Out in Time

Best Tragedy/Angst
Just Can't Stand Up, I'm Falling Apart
The One with the Grilled Cheese Cure All
You Lose the Day and Gain the Dark
For Just One Moment to Be Bold & Naked at Your Side

Best AU My favorite category : )
Blood of my Blood
Thicker than Water
Whoever's in New England
You Give My Life a Hope That's Real

Best Parody
The Intricacies of Human Behavior...and a little BS

Best Het Romance
Watch the Stars that Tremble with Love and with Hope Hotch/Prentiss
Under Me You Quite So New Sam Kassmeyer/Jessica Brooks AU
What Happens In...What the Hell Town are We In? Hotch/Prentiss
It's Unbelievable How I Used to Say I'd Fall Never Rossi/Strauss
Smooth Surfaces and Curvy Roads Hotch/Prentiss

Best Het Smut/Sex Scene
Strangers in the Night Rossi/Strauss
Damn Skippy Baby Rossi/Strauss
Requiem for an Insomniac Hotch/Prentiss
The Desires of the Alpha Female Rossi/Strauss

Best Death/Scene Story
Blood of my Blood

Best Portrayal of a Main Character
The Lucky Seven and the Two Meant to Be Emily Prentiss
Patriarchs, Bat Signals, and Being in Sync Penelope Garcia
Puzzled Aaron Hotchner
The Royal We Penelope Garcia
Criminal Minds & Control Freaks Jennifer Jareau AU
Thursdays with Agent Emily Emily Prentiss

Best Portrayal of a Supporting Character
Grandmother Prentiss Jack Hotchner
Between Mothers, Daughters, and Possibly Senators Elizabeth Prentiss
Love and Light Sabers Jack Hotchner
After Atlantic City Erin Strauss
You Give My Life a Hope That's Real Jessie Brooks

Best Friendship Fic
Much Ado About Hotchner Prentiss, JJ, and Penelope
Thursdays with Agent Emily Hotch & Prentiss
The Recon Job Hotch & Rossi
My Best Friend Morgan & Prentiss

Best Team Fic
Flag on the Play
The Olive Branch, the Mystery Drink, and Carpenters Christmas Songs
The Intricacies of Human Behavior...and a little BS
Fight Music
David Bowie, George Burns, and Reggie Jackson AU

Best Original Character
You Give My Life a Hope That's Real Nina Glassberg
Patron Saints and Cardinal Rules Nora Gideon
Bending the Rules Sabrina Hotchner
The One with the Passing of the Torch Gregory Prentiss
The Tender Trap Mary Katherine Strauss

Some of you have read a lot of these stories. Some of you might have an adventure doing that now. Some might turn of your nose and not really like my fic, pairings, or scenarios at all. And still another group might think there are some fics I didnt even mention that fit the categories better. This is just a sampling of a lot of fic I wrote last year and I wanted to share it with you guys. Have fun!
I'm In....: the lair
I Feel....: accomplishedaccomplished
I Hear....: Bella goofing off