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07 November 2007 @ 09:00 pm
do we really only use 10% of our brain?  
Class was good tonight.  We had a whole discussion on 'show vs. tell', when one is better, when the other is...we had to give writing examples of each using one of a bunch of scenarios Joe gave us.  Vega, you would have loved it I think.  I had to read some of my stories next.......again though there were only four of us tomight I was nervous.  I got some good feedback and the lesson is going to help me with completing this original story.  It was totally awesome.  A strange thing about me, most laugh when I tell them this, I can only write one story at a time.  If I clog my brain with too much, nothing will ever get finished.  Luckily, I am a fast writer when the story is blazing, which is usual is when I put pen to paper (I write old school too).  The thing is, I have spent the whole week romancing with Leo and Devlin so I got none of my original stuff done.  Hopefully, I can get through the last two ideas I have for that coupling in my head by at least Sunday so I can work on the Kath story. 

Home stuff that I chose to ramble about................

My mom is going away to a church convention, which leaves me alone for almost a week with my sister.  Good times (not).  A couple of things suck about still living at home, OK one thing sucks......my sister.  I love her, she is my sister and sometimes we can laugh and have a really good time together.  Usually not though.  She has a tendency to walk around like everyone owes her something and she always talks about all these things she does but I dont seem to remember her doing much except smoke weed and blow smoke, in all forms, for about the last ten years.  As I said, I love her and I just wish she were doing what hse could really be doing.  She finally has a job, after another long stint of unemployment, and that's a comfort.  Now that she works for the state it is almost impossible for her to lose this job and we are all glad.  If it were just me and mom, things would be groovy.  My mom and I are good friends, it took some years for us to get to that point.  We can hang out but have separate lives.  I come and go as I please, she treats me like an adult.  I pay her rent to live here and sometimes wish my sister would move so I could have some more peace.  I have thought about leaving myself but living in this city is very expensive....I make good money but between college loans and other bills, it would be a serious hardship.  So I grin and bear it.  Hey, this was not what my entry was supposed to be about.  OK, I am putting this in a cut.

This work week has gone by at a nice rate......still have plenty of work to do at work tomorrow so hopefully Thursday will go fast too.  Looking forward to a nice free Saturday and then Sunday with my little.  I'm taking her to see a display on First Ladies at the National Constitution Center....its gonna be fun.  Then we will grab some lunch.  The weather is turning chilly here but it will be in the 50s and sunny on Sunday.  I'm looking foward to spending some time with her. 

OK, need to finish some writing before I come down from my day and then get some sleep.  I missed all the news, local and national while I was at work and class......need to turn on Headline News to get my fix.
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vegawriters: Kornvegawriters on November 8th, 2007 06:00 am (UTC)
Yes, I would have loved that discussion. :)
ginnyginnylcsw on November 8th, 2007 11:56 am (UTC)
Looking forward to more Leo and Devlin.

Have fun at the Constitution Center. We took a group of kids from church there a few years ago after a trip to St. George's Methodist Church. We had a blast at both places. The girls have been asking to go back to the Constitution Center. Maybe over Christmas break.

Have a great day.