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04 November 2007 @ 09:57 pm
back from the brink and rambling  
Now that my crazy day is mostly over and I am just a little while from running to the land of nod, I thought I would post some thoughts and feelings.

I love politics but I hate election time.  I am so sick to death of hearing how bad the other candidate is....that, in no way, shape, or form tells me anything about you.  and if all you can do is rail the other guy, whether he is the incompetent President or the incompetent dog catcher, after a while it will make me think you have nothing to offer me.

Dog the Bounty Hunter said some bad things.  A & E decided to think long and hard about pulling his show, which they did.  But not before we were subjected to about a 6 hour marathon on Saturday.  Yeah, you are appaled but what he said but you play him all day?  Like you couldnt fill the space with some crime and investigations shows or reruns of Murder, She Wrote.  And I dont know why everyone was so appalled, except that appalled seems to be most people's defualt stance these days.  He is an ex-biker from Texas......his choice of words was not at all surprising to me.  Especially since he had no clue it was going to get out.  Aloha.

Oprah makes me sooooooooooooooo tired.  Yes, the reasons are too plentiful to mention here but I just wanted to get that out.

I have a major crush on Sam Champion.  My morning is just not the same without him.  Who knew a guy who looked like a Ken doll would make me giggly?  Weather hasnt been this hot since I got hooked on Jim Cantore on the Weather Channel.

I have got to stop watching reruns of Degrassi.  Those kids are MESSED UP.

Why doesnt cable play better movies?  Maybe its just me but I can never seem to find anything good to watch these days.  I sat through a Ricki Lake lifetime movie today (I know gag me) and actually liked it.  Help me.  I wish I was more of a sports fan because that always seems to be on.

OK, I got it all out.  Nothing more to say tonight.  Work in the morning, which I am not looking that forward to because I know how busy it will be and when its crazy I have this tendency to not want to do anything because I am faced with doing everything.
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