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28 October 2007 @ 08:30 am
Sunday morning  
It is cold here, cold but sunny and not raining.  I feel better than I felt last night, guess I smoked too many cigarettes and that led to the sore throat.  You have to be really careful with this addictions.  They can get you.  Today I am hanging out with my little.  I have to leave here about noon, pick her up and we are going to hang out here.  No real plan, today is sorta like a free day....maybe we will watch a movie, play some board games, eat sweets, and just talk.  I love seeing the world through a kid's eyes for a few hours.  She is smart and doesnt act much like a child, but we bring the giddiness out in each other.  She reminds me so much of myself it is ammost scary.  I want to remind her to be a kid and enjoy her freedom for as long as she can.....I dont want her to end up as I did.  Thats why I do this mentoring thing, to help kids.

Watched Marie Antoinette last night and was surprised by how much I liked it since Lost in Translation did nothing for me and almost swore me off Sofia Coppola.  It remind me that when coaxed Kirsten Dunst can be full of raw energy and talent, not just play Spiderman's girlfriend or some cheerleader.  I loved the soundtrack of currrent music and though the American accents bothered me just a bit I think it was better than hearing everyone's take on a French accent, which might have ended badly.  Its not an easy accent to handle (unless you are Meryl Streep, I am determined to believe she can do anything).  The cinematography and camera work was amazing, and the director was able to capture Marie's naivete and vulnerabilty while at the same time capturing her excess and near stupididty when it came to what was happening outside of her own walls.....again I say it was a good movie.

It made me want to write a story set in those times.  It has always been a temptation as I am obsessed with the story of  Anne Boleyn but I think it would take a lot of work.  My AU stories for my fanfic can get long and I can be quite drained when I get it all out.  I still have Kath to get through, almost done and crossing my fingers.  Josh is talking to me and so is Larry.  I know, Larry, can you believe it?  I love secondary and tertiary characters and I love giving them a voice.  For me it is almost as cool as giving birth to an original character........I get to give them almost any voice I want to as they are ripe with possibilities.  I dont know how much I will get to write today because I have obligations and have to get ready for the work week but I always squeeze in something.  I want to try to have the shell of my original story done before class this week......I am sure I will end up going back, polishing, adding things, because
the first draft is always just trying to get it all out of my head before I forget it.
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vegawriters: coffeevegawriters on October 28th, 2007 04:50 pm (UTC)
I forget how much I like Kirsten Dunsdt. I always have, since her days in Interview with the Vampire, though when I look at her now, I realize how old I'm getting. *grins*

Have fun with your little today. I ... am going to go try and wake up.