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27 October 2007 @ 04:04 pm
I cant believe it.  I have made so much leeway with this story, its amazing.  Kath finally started talking to me and I listened and wrote it down.  She is an ordinary girl, in the sense that she works for a living, has a decent apt but not the best, named her cat after a singing actor who may be insane,  and has a cute boyfriend.  But she wants more.  Not like more sex, or more shoes, though that is pretty cool, but just more.  She wants to feel better when she wakes up in the morning, wants her boyfriend to commit or get out, wants her job to be as fulfilling as it has the potential to be.  She is taking a journey and in the end she doesnt know if she is going to have to give up everything or if she needs to come down out of the clouds and know that life, while beautiful, is far from perfect.  She is also dealing with her possible crush on Shelby, the ex of an old friend, who comes back to town and stirs up feelings Kath may have forgotten she had or repressed.....which may be the same thing.

Now all I need is a title.  I actually have an ending, which as everyone who knows me knows is a miracle in and of itself, but I dont know what to call it.  Shelbyville was my original title, not really sure why, but it was.  It goes beyond that now because when I first started it was initially just going to be a love triangle.  It became so much more when Kath started talking to me, when I started adding my own thoughts and feelings.  I need the title to wrap around it like a bow does on a Christmas present.  I need to say, here I am, look at me, read me, see if you get what I'm saying.  Hell, I am just glad to be saying something.  I also have some new fic ideas, wanna put a spin on some stories I have already written but that will have to wait.  I am full of ideas, thoughts, feelings, and I dont even know if I have enough time to write it all down.  I dont want to lose any of it.

That's how I think I will spend my afternoon.  It has finally stopped raining and though I'm happy, I'm also sad because it guided me a bit and I always enjoy the sound when I am writing or thinking.  But I have this great alarm clock  from Homedics that plays relaxing sounds when I sleep and one of those sounds is rain.....I fall asleep to it every night and maybe I will put it on this afternoon and see what it does.
I Feel....: bouncybouncy
I Hear....: watching even scarier movie moments but need the music to write
vegawriters: Matt_Tobyvegawriters on October 27th, 2007 08:40 pm (UTC)
Yayness :)