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26 October 2007 @ 07:42 pm
Finally Friday  
This was a four day week for me and usually they are torturous but it was good this week, minus this being the third day of rain, with more to come tomorrow.  My bad knee is aching and so is my back.  Oh well, you know if its not one thing it is definitely another.  I am excited for the weekend.  I am a mentor and I get to see my kid on Sunday.  We are just going to hang out at my house, watch a movie and maybe make some brownies.....we had a blast doing that a couple of months ago.  She just turned 12 and is fun to hang out with, gives me a chance to just have a good time.  I dont have to worry about being a grownup when we hang out and thats a refreshing feeling.

So, since I will be busy Sunday (anyone with a kid knows how much energy is required to give them a good time), I gots nothing for tomorrow.  I am getting my hair braided in the morning but then I am as free as a bird.  My new Misty Mundae movie arrived today so I will watch it tonight.  I also get to stay up late and write my original story, though Fridays usually see my crashing by the eleven o'clock news.  Mad oral sex is happening in my head right now and I have got to get it all out.  I am soooooooooo stoked this story is coming out of me like it is, maybe the magic isnt all gone.  I knew I could still write, as I pump out West Wing fanfic at an almost unheard of speed, but it has been a while since I created my own characters, with their own lives and problems.  Though, in my humble opinion, I took Sorkin's fantastic characters and gave them my own flavor.  Those works are original, maybe even more difficult as I have to add new layers to characters already loved and have them stay as true to their voice as people know them to be.  Hope that made sense, it confused me a little bit.

OK, thats whats happening on Friday night.  Just glad for a bit of time off and some room to breathe.  Looking forward to sleeping in since I slept kinda crappy last night.  I might pop in Boston Legal tomorrow, or even better the West Wing.  I did watch bits of the Stackhouse Filibuster and I think I might go for Mandatory Minimums because it has been so damn long since I've seen it it will almost be new to me.  Season one and two are my drug, though I love seasons three and four too.  The rest is the rest, a few jewels but not altogether my cup of tea.....I dont even own season 7 on DVD yet.  I cannot believe they didnt even do a John Spencer tribute as part of the DVD packet.
I Feel....: bouncybouncy
I Hear....: Echo and the Bunnymen
vegawriters: 20HoursinAmericavegawriters on October 27th, 2007 12:48 am (UTC)
hey sweetie
Get season 7, just to have it. No, they don't have a JS tribute, but NBC was pretty much giving up on West Wing by the time they put it together, so the money probably just wasn't worth it. Which, is sad. But it's still a GREAT season.

Have fun this weekend! I am going to be killing myself this weekend between concerts and homework. Somewhere in there I want to cut my hair, but it'll probably have to wait.
SSA McGeek: leo's smilemcgarrygirl78 on October 27th, 2007 01:02 am (UTC)
Re: hey sweetie
the fact that you cute your own hair is really adorable. I will eventually get season 7, probably for my birthday. At least I can watch Running Mates and Requiem.....that's something for me. I just went and got a whole bunch of Pam Grier photos so the next time you see me I may be sexier than I already am. Woo-hoo!!!
vegawriters: GeoffChrisvegawriters on October 27th, 2007 01:11 am (UTC)
Re: hey sweetie
Teehe. Yay for Pam Grier.

And no, I'm not going to cut my OWN hair. That would make me look like a little punk-chick and I will not sacrifice my hair for that! :) I just need about 6 inches off so it'll be Great Clips, if I make it at all.

You know what else I hate ... when your "skinny" jeans are still a size too small. Ten pounds to go and I can fit into them well again. I can fit into them, but then I look like a whale.

Ten pounds ... ten pounds ....