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13 December 2008 @ 03:09 pm

Again, praise, credit, hugs, snuggles, whiskey, and things made with chocolate have to be given to[info]hopskotch_hotch.  She role-played with me and we created this lovely scenario together.  There arent enough words for my thanks.  Feedback though, that's like Taco Bell drive-thru at one in the morning slightly tipsy in the backseat of car playing Jay-Z on the stereo.

Title: Ravenous
Author: Montiese
Category: Romance
Pairing: Gideon/Prentiss
Rating: MATURE
Summary: “Jason Gideon, I think you're flirting with me.”



Jason’s fork fell on the floor. He broke eye contact with her in a rush to pick it up.


“I…I need to grab another fork. I think dinner is getting cold. Excuse me.”


He walked as casually as he could into the kitchen, where he leaned on the counter. He needed to get himself together; did not want to make an ass of himself. Emily was clearly stating what she wanted and he was acting as if he wanted anything but. If she felt rejected, she would walk away. Jason did not want her walking away. He took a deep breath, shook it off, and returned to the table.


“Sorry about that, I don’t know what's wrong with me tonight.” he smiled, hoping she wasn’t upset.


“It’s alright,” she stroked his hand, moving up his arm. “We will not let pesky falling forks ruin our evening. You were talking about not being alone.”


“It’s been a long time since I wasn’t alone. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine being anything but.”


“The imagining part is quite easy for me.” Emily said. “The reality is where I get myself in trouble.”


“I think I'm the opposite. I need something tangible, an immediate sense, not the distance. Still, that whole theory will alter depending on the person I'm thinking about.”


“Hmm, something tangible you said. Well I don’t like bacon Jason, so when you make breakfast in bed for me, you can leave it off the menu.”


Emily tilted her head, biting her lip. She wanted him to say something. She did it, took the leap, but he needed to speak. Not that his speechlessness wasn’t quite an ego boost.


“Poached eggs and sausage are OK?” he asked, still wearing the nearly patented Gideon poker face. “How about pancakes with your Washington Post?”


“I love pancakes,” she smiled. “Will you put fruit on top?”


“Yes and a dash of whipped cream.”


“Bring that whipped cream to bed…I might want more. And skin?”


Oh God, he thought, what the hell kind of question is that? Of course, I want skin. I want it, I want it, I want it. You are killing me and I do not fear this death. I knew you would be worth it.


“Dance with me.” Jason stood from the table, holding out his hand. “I love this song; I love to dance when she sings.”


“Then I'm glad I'm here.” Emily slid her arms around his neck as they moved to the middle of the floor.


At last, my love has come along

My lonely days are over

And life is like a song

At last, the skies above are blue

My heart is wrapped in clover

The night I looked at you


Emily thought he smelled incredible. He smelled like Italian food and something distinctly masculine. She loved it and loved being close to him. As Jason’s arms moved tighter around her waist and they swayed, Emily was sure she was about to wake from a dream. His temple moved against hers and she could feel his nose nuzzle her hair. She hoped her knees buckling were not that obvious. Feeling emboldened, she trailed tiny kisses down his neck, and heard his breath catch in his throat.


“Emily…” Jason groaned her name. He moved to whisper in her ear. “This is definitely dinner with a difference.” He stroked her back.


“What's the difference?” Emily shivered at his touch, holding him closer.


“The lack of dinner.” He smiled against her neck.


“When are you going to kiss me, Jason? I refuse to wait another instant.”


“There are the demands again. I do see a bit of your mother in that side of you.”


Jason clamped his mouth over hers before Emily had a chance to complain. She moaned, leaning more into him, as her fingers moved through his hair. She knew it, all these years; she knew the man’s kisses would make her lightheaded. Jason’s hands moved around to her hips and pulled her closer to him. Emily whimpered at the contact.


“Jason…” she pulled away, gasping. Don’t stop now; I want to lose control.


Jason searched her face, looking for something to spur him on or push him away. He needed to know…once he took her he didn’t know if he could stop. Emily grabbed him again, her kisses even hungrier. That was all he needed. He picked Emily up in his arms; her legs went around his waist.


“I want you…” she growled between kisses. “I want you so much; oh God Jason, I need you.”


She bit his lip hard but he didn’t give a damn.


“I want you too, for longer than you can imagine.”


“I'm yours.”


Oh thank God, Jason thought as he exhaled. He carried her across the hallway into the dark bedroom. He frantically tried to keep contact with her lips, gasping when they finally broke apart. Damn getting older and being winded. He hardly had time to worry about such nonsense, falling over on the bed with her.


“Are you sure you want this, Emily?” he couldn’t believe he asked. Here she was unbuttoning his shirt, pushing off his shoulders, and removing the tee shirt underneath.


“You're not the only one who’s been waiting,” she replied breathlessly. “I don’t want to wait anymore.”


Jason was kissing her again, feeling her body move against his.


“No more waiting…” he murmured. “No more questions.”


He pulled her shirt over her head as Emily arched her body against him. His kisses were intense, he already felt her writhing underneath him and Jason was hungry for more. He rolled over, holding her on top of him now, working quickly on the clasp of her bra.


“Do you know how sexy you are?” she asked, laughing. 


He knew the question wasn’t meant to be funny. The endorphins were flooding her brain…anything could happen. Not that now was the time for a damn science lesson. Well, once a geek, always a geek.


“I am much sexier with you draped on top of me, Emily Prentiss.”


Jason ran his hands across her skin. It was so soft and hot, it made him shiver.


“I'm not going anywhere,” she undid his khakis, sliding her hand inside. “Mmm, damn you're hard.”


“Oh, Emily,” Jason gasped.


She slid her body down, taking the khakis with her. They were useless now…she needed him naked. She needed it badly. Jason groaned and she could tell he was trying to keep control. He brought her into his arms again, caressing her, cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples with agile fingers.


“Oh yes, yes Jason,” she closed her eyes. “Lose control, you want to, I want you to. I want you to fuck me.”


“Shh,” he pulled her into a passionate kiss. “Patience.”


Emily smiled, caressing his face. When she ground into him they both trembled.


“Tell me, Emily. Talk to me and tell me how and where you want me to touch your body.”


“Everywhere” she could hardly get the word out.


Jason rolled them again; Emily’s back was on the mattress. His hard cock pressed into her thigh. Emily wanted to wrap her legs around him, trap him, but he needed room to work. She sensed it…it wasn’t time.


“Touch me, Jason…please.”


He began to kiss her, starting at her mouth. He spent time on her earlobes, her chin, the underside of her chin, and then her neck. Jason fell in love with her collarbone, the scent of it, how it felt under his lips and tongue. He moved down to her lovely breasts, feasting on them as he had pasta and wine just a little while ago. She responded to his touch, whispering his name and stroking his back. Her skin tasted so good. Her nipples were hard and he teased them with hungry lips before devouring them.


“Oh God,” she arched her back. “Mmm, yeah, ohhh…”


Hands, lips, mouth, teeth, and tongue…shivers went through Emily’s body like electrical currents. She ran her fingers through his hair as his mouth finally moved on. She wanted more, and thought of pushing his head down. It would be worth it to hold on as long as she could. To feel Jason suck and kiss on her skin. To feel his tongue stroke across her belly button like a paintbrush on canvas. To hear the moans coming from him that matched her own.


Jason wanted to hear her moan. He wanted to stroke her thighs while still kissing her belly. He wanted her to cry his name until she was hoarse…screaming it might be nice. He liked the way she whimpered, thrusting up, wanting him.


“Jason; Jason…Jason!”


He finally pressed his mouth onto the wet skin, running his tongue along her clit. It was hard, pulsing, wanted him as much as she did. The noise she made when he took it gently between his teeth got Jason so excited he had to remember to be careful with her precious skin. She was so wet, brimming with desire for him and he would not move until he tasted every single drop.


“Oh God, Oh my God, I'm coming, oh God, don’t you stop!”


Jason didn’t stop, he slowed a bit, licking her clit as he moved one and then two fingers inside of her. He plunged deep, but not rough, finding her G-spot with little effort.


“That’s what I want, ohhh Jason, oh yeah.”


She was a talker and that excited him. He moved his mouth away, using his thumb to continue stimulating her clit. He definitely wanted to watch her come….the first taste was always the best. Emily had said so herself. Jason increased the pace, feeling her shudder. She practically screamed, her head tossing and turning, as the feelings pulled her under. Yes, he had done that, he made her so hot. He made tears come out of her eyes and Jason Gideon would never forget that.


“I need you now,” he said, pushing off his boxers has his body rested between her open thighs. Jason wiped her tear-streaked cheeks. “I can't hold back any longer.”


“Me too.” Emily kissed him, tasting herself and Italian food. The combination made her giddy. “Don’t hold back; I’ll know if you do and I will not like it. I want to like it.”


“Yeah?” he teased her with his cock. 


“Mmm, yeah.”


“Oh God, Emily…ohhh Katya.”


Emily cried out, gripping his hips as he slid in and out of her with long, fluid strokes. She lifted her hips, bucking against him. Her thighs moved further apart; Emily wanted him deeper. She needed it.


“Jason!” she whimpered, pulling him close. “Ohhh…mmm…”


He wanted it to last forever but could not help quickening the pace when he felt her tremble against him. 


“Open your eyes,” he said, kissing her. “Look at me, Katya.”


She smiled as her eyes slowly opened. She had heard the name before, in his office at Quantico. While in the Academy, she challenged him, wanted to debate, and he would call her that. Emily never knew why but it gave her shivers. Tonight was no different.


Jason looked into her eyes as he moved deeper inside of her. “Talk to me.” he whispered.


“I…oh God…” Emily arched her back. “Do you know, Jason?”


“Know what?”


“How you make me feel?” she grabbed hold of his back as the tingles started at the tips of her toes. It slowly moved through her limbs like a smoldering fire. Emily’s eyes rolled back in her head.


Jason lifted her leg higher, thrusting hard and deep, loving the way she cried out. Oh God, he was so close and he wanted her with him when he fell.


“I think I know,” his body shook from the intensity. Jason tried to catch his breath.


“I can't hold on!” she whimpered.


Emily felt herself falling and had no choice but to let go. Her body clenched his, pushing him to the brink. He groaned as he filled her. 


I love you, Katya, dammit I always have, his mind screamed but he didn’t say a word.


“Jason,” she was breathless and held him close. “So amazing.”


“You are so beautiful.” He caressed her face, kissing her face and mouth. “I've always thought you were beautiful.” Jason nuzzled her neck as he lingered inside of her for a while longer. Emily sighed when he finally moved onto the bed, taking her into his arms.


They were quiet in the dark room; Emily just cuddled close and liked the way his body felt close to her. Her hands roamed over his perspiring skin; she knew it made him excited. His kisses were passionate and made her want him again. And again and again and again.


“I'm hungry.” She mumbled.


Jason pulled away, laughing. He took her face in his hands.


“I just bet you are. I made you dinner but you wanted to go straight to dessert.”


“I wanted you.” Emily bit her lip.


“So did I.” he kissed her again. “Do you want me to bring you dinner?”


“In bed?” her eyes lit up.




“Yes.” Emily nodded.


Jason clucked her under the chin, getting out of the bed and the comfort of her arms. He grabbed his boxers from the bottom of the bed, sliding them on before walking out of the room.  Emily stretched herself across the bed, letting out a content sigh. She reached over to turn on the lamp. As she fluffed the pillows, she noticed the paperback novel underneath. So, Jason liked Walter Mosley. Emily leaned back to relax, leafing through Devil in the Blue Dress. She picked up his glasses from the nightstand table and put them on.


He came back into the room with a tray and smiled at her. Damn she looked sexy, waiting for him between his sheets, wearing his glasses. What lottery had he won to end up in this position? Emily put the book on the nightstand and took off the glasses.


“Sorry, I…”


“Don’t apologize.” Jason set down the tray, sitting beside her. “You looked adorable.”


“You like Walter Mosley?” Emily asked, taking the fork he offered.


“Very much. I read him to come down from long days. That book is so tattered; some of the pages are falling out.”


“That’s how some of my James Patterson novels are, and a lot of my literature. I reread when I’m restless.”


“You’re restless a lot?”


“Enough. What's this?” Emily pointed to the tiny covered silver dish next to her wine glass.


“Dessert. A little surprise.”


She pulled the cover off and smiled at the sight of strawberries and cream.




“I knew you liked strawberries so I thought it would be the perfect cap to the evening.”


“I think we already had the perfect cap to the evening. Though I will never turn down dessert.” Emily laughed.


Jason leaned across the tray and kissed her. He wanted to tell her he hoped this was not a spontaneous sex thing. He also wanted to tell her that relationships were always something that ended badly for him and the women crazy enough to care about him. He wanted to tell her to run for her life yet hold her so tight that she could not. Emily stroked his cheek.


“What are you thinking?” she asked.


“That this is quite delicious, you are quite beautiful, and do I have enough ingredients for pancakes in the morning.”






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I Hear....: "99 Problems" Jay-Z
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SSA McGeek: Gideon....sweet on hermcgarrygirl78 on December 13th, 2008 09:53 pm (UTC)
I do the best I can, porn-wise. This time I had a little help ; )

Well, for me, it's kind of like walking in in the middle of a movie, not really knowing what's happened so far, but liking what you see and staying to watch the rest.
--I like this assessment. I'm kinda glad you picked this story as your first because it was one of my favorites to write. This pairing is very passionate and I enjoy walking on the journey with them.

Starhuggerererer.: Champagne Allipinkinks on December 15th, 2008 03:59 pm (UTC)
Is it bad that I read teh sex before I read the whole thing and then read the sex again?

It's all very good anyways. :D
SSA McGeek: Gideon and Prentiss....happy happymcgarrygirl78 on December 15th, 2008 05:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I've been going back and re-reading the hotness : D

Jason and Emily can really bring the hotness.....they are combustible that way.
hopskotch_hotch on December 15th, 2008 11:14 pm (UTC)

*regains composure* seriously, holy popsicles batman, we need to get the fire department in here!

I've re-read both parts, and though the RP was incredible, you're given the whole thing such life. Wow, s'all I can say.

SSA McGeek: Paget.....devious and sneakymcgarrygirl78 on December 15th, 2008 11:31 pm (UTC)
Didn't we?

I wouldnt have been able to do it without you. These two characters, I mean I love Hotch and Em, but these two, that passion cannot be extinguished with the strongest hose. When they want each other, they have to have each other. Its such a great story, and a damn fine RP : )