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12 December 2008 @ 11:53 pm
This one is about a week in the making.  I am still putting the finishing touches on part 2 but wanted to post the first part.  This story came from some intense role-playing with the one and only hopskotch_hotch</lj>  .  Jason and Emily were magnificent in their passion and this story is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  None of it would be possible with her, no matter how much she tells you otherwise.  Dont believe her  : )  Please let me know what you think.  Feedback is like cocoa with jet-puffed marshmallows.

Title: Ravenous

Author: Montiese

Category: Romance

Pairing: Gideon/Prentiss

Rating: MATURE

Summary: “Jason Gideon, I think you're flirting with me.”


Emily had no idea why she was so nervous. Jason invited her to dinner and she expected a nice restaurant. She knew he had excellent tastes. When he said he wanted to cook for her instead, Emily could not shake her jitters. Even her palms were sweating. As she knocked on the door, she tried to control it.


“Emily, come in, come in.” Jason Gideon opened the door a bit out of breath.


“Why are you out of breath?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. Emily brushed past him, inhaling his scent. “What was happening behind this door?”


“Nothing of you to worry about.” Jason chuckled. “I am just working on some last minute things. You look beautiful.”


He thought she was more than beautiful. She was divine and he thought so from the very first time he saw her. Tonight in coal grey slacks, a maroon v-neck blouse and grey high heels, she was all woman. Jason couldn’t help but smile.


“I didn’t know what we were having so I brought choices,” Emily held up a bottle of white wine and a bottle of red. “It smells delicious, J…OK, I am going to call you Jason tonight I promise.” she laughed. “Old habits die hard. Be patient with me?”


“No Gideon, please.” He took the bottles from her. “These are good, very good. Do you prefer red or white?”


He put the bottles down to help her slip out of her coat. He was nervous and tried to shake it off. So close to her, Jason couldn’t help but inhale deeply. Damn, she smelled as lovely as she looked.


“It depends on what you're feeding me. I want my palate to be perfect for this…I want to taste every bite.”


“I like a woman who knows how to pair her food and wine.” He smiled, thinking of winking and nixing it. It was just dinner; he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. “I decided on an Italian theme for tonight, crab ravioli in a saffron cream sauce. We’ll have a wild mushroom bruschetta to start; how does that sound?”


“That sounds like the Bordeaux.” Emily replied laughing.


“Right. Make yourself at home.” Jason put her coat in the closet and went into the kitchen. “Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes.”


“Do you mind if I have a look around?” Emily’s eyes immediately fell on the train set in the corner of the room. “I won't touch anything.”


“You can look around, and touch anything you want Emily. I trust you completely.”


She looks at the pictures on the mantelpiece first. As with his office in Quantico, there are pictures of people whose lives he saved. She picked up a picture of Jason, quite a bit younger, cradling a young boy in his arms. She believed his son’s name was Stephen. He looked a lot like his father and they both looked happy in the picture. Putting it back in its place, Emily put her focus on the trains.


“Do you cook, Emily?” Jason asked from the kitchen. He was stirring his sauce.


“To prevent starvation, yes.” she laughed. “My sister got the gene and I always felt a bit cheated. Actually, both of my parents are magnificent cooks, though I don’t think my mother has been near a stove to do anything but light the occasional cigarette since the Reagan Administration. I like to eat though; I'm a bit of a food snob sometimes.”


“Oh really?”


“Yeah. Except those times I am having a craving and the only thing that can calm the monster is pulling up to a drive-thru window at one in the morning and demanding a bacon double cheeseburger.”


Jason smiled, laughing to himself. He had not stopped smiling since she walked through his door. He was well aware that he did not smile enough but didn’t know what to do about it. He was more than the super serious profiler that everyone thought he was.


“No bacon double cheeseburgers for you tonight, I'm afraid. I hope my cooking meets your high standards.”


“Don’t worry, if it tastes as good as it smells, there will not be a problem.”


It turned her on that he could cook so well. No one had cooked for her in quite a while. The fact that he enjoyed it so much, relished in it, that was sexy. She needed to calm down; surely her pulse was too fast. What she wanted to happen was definitely not going to happen. This was the elusive Jason Gideon and he would surely remain so, even in his natural habitat. It would be a shame but true.


“Most people don't care what they shovel in their mouths.” Jason said. “I love cooking, it relaxes me. I have to say it’s a real pleasure to be able to share it with someone who appreciates it.”


He emerged with two glasses and the bottle of white wine. Deftly pouring a glass, Jason handed it to her and brushed her hand with his own.


“Well you can cook for me whenever you'd like. I will not turn down the meal or the company. What are we drinking to?”


“That sounds like doubling my pleasure, my cooking and your company.” He took a deep breath. “We are drinking to new beginnings.”


“New beginnings,” Emily held the glass to her lips, sipping the wine. “And doubling our pleasure. Mmm…”


Jason nearly spit his wine out. Was she saying what he thought she might be saying? No, he was misinterpreting things because he was nervous. Why was he nervous? Jason Gideon was too old to be nervous. It had been a while since he had anyone over, since he even cared to. This attractive, enigmatic woman probably thought of him as her favorite old Professor. The last thing he needed to do was ruin what could be a nice friendship.


“So, I see you’ve found my trains.”


“This is really amazing; I love trains.”


“You do? You are the first woman I've met who has confessed to that. I've loved them since I was a little boy…it’s a passion.”


“Me too,” Emily looked at him and bit her lip. “When my mother worked in the Ukraine we took frequent train trips to Moscow. It was a very long ride but trains were the main mode of transportation in the former USSR.”


“Ah, so real trains were your first love? Let me guess, you hated the long rides but loved the trains themselves. The sounds, interior, and other passengers must have been fascinating for a little girl.”


“Are you profiling me, Jason Gideon?”


No, he thought, but I'm thinking about how beautiful you look when you bite your lip and look at me that way. Stop looking at me that way Emily or I will have to kiss you; I won't be able to help myself.


“Perhaps a little. You already started on me as I uncorked the wine.”


“Did I?” Emily smiled. “Hmm, reciprocity. I admit to being an antsy child but the Soviet bureaucrats seemed to like my inquisitive nature. I don’t like to brag but my cuteness may have gotten my mother through some doors. That’s what daddy always says anyway.”


“I don’t doubt that for a moment. It probably still could.” He sipped his wine and looked at her.


“So much of that life is a blur now. Mostly train rides, politics, and the thoughts of a lonely little girl.” Emily shook her head, pushing the memories away. “Tell me how trains got to be your passion.”


Jason’s father worked for Amtrak. He would take his son on as many trips as he could and Jason soon became obsessed. He was an obsessive little boy who carried a notebook where he would scribble down model numbers and descriptions.


“I soon became as enthralled with the passengers as I did with the trains. Where were they going?  What were they thinking? My father encouraged me to use my imagination as well as my critical and analytical mind to come up with answers for all of my wild questions. I soon had an interest in trains as well as human beings. They are nothing, after all, without all those people to shuttle back and forth.”


“They were shuffling something back and forth in the mountains of the former Soviet Union but that’s bygones I guess.” Emily stood from the stool, her body brushing against his. “Your fifteen minutes are up. Feed me, Jason.”


The close contact, and the way it made him shiver, caused Jason to move back. He smiled.


“The lady speaketh. I think dinner should be ready; your timing is impeccable Agent Prentiss. Care to sample the sauce before I serve? I think it might need more seasoning and that delicate palate of yours will be the perfect way to know.”


“OK, lead the way.”


She liked watching him walk and she followed him into the kitchen. Jason took her hand, dramatically leading her to the range. He stirred the sauce gently before taking a sample.


“Careful, it’s very hot.”


Emily blew on it gently, never taking her eyes from his. She sipped from the spoon, closed her eyes and smiled.


“Oh, ohhh, that is good.” she opened her eyes. “Did you make this from scratch? Mmm Jason, its so good it makes me tingly.”


She was making that face again, intense pleasure, and Jason found himself speechless for a few moments.


“I did make it from scratch, a modified recipe. I am glad you like it because there is enough to feed the whole Bureau, nevermind two hungry agents.”


“I'm eating it all.” Emily laughed.


“I think I could quite happily watch you eat every drop. Then I would make you some more.”


“I will remember you said that.” she took his hand again. “Feed me now, I am anxious for the rest.”


“You are demanding.” He held onto her hand as they went to the table. He let go and held out her chair.


“You will get used to it by the way, my demands.”


“If you're making demands it will be nothing short of a pleasure to fill them.” Jason winked but instantly regretted it. He did not want to seem overeager. All he could do was follow her lead and Emily was taking him down a road he had not traveled in too long to recall.


“Jason Gideon, I think you are flirting with me.” she replied in mock horror.


“I am only giving as good as I get.”


“Mmm, not as good as you're getting; not yet. But you're coming close.” Emily rolled her eyes. “Please tell me to stop if I'm making you uncomfortable. I don’t know what's come over me…it’s been a while since I felt so free. It must be the food.”


“It’s a delightful side of you.” he grinned. “So you don’t think you're getting your money’s worth here? I am just getting started; don't be so quick to judge. And on that note, I think its time to eat.”


“Yes,” Emily nodded, laughing. “We have plenty of time for...everything.”


“Right,” Jason nodded too, clearing his throat. She was talking about eating right? Oh hell, he had no idea what she was talking about. He knew what he wanted to be talking about though. “I’ll be a few minutes; have to get the bruschetta from the oven. You can change the music if you'd like. I like Duke Ellington when I cook but it’s not exactly…” he stopped himself before he said romantic. “There are CDs and some vinyl by the stereo.”


“I like this music but I’ll have a look. Go, go,” Emily shooed him away. “You get dinner and I will handle the ambience.”


Jason smiled as he went back to the kitchen. Emily leafed through the records and could not believe what she was seeing. Charlie Parker, Etta James, Billie Holiday; he even had Big Brother and the Holding Company and some Grateful Dead. She got a bit of a kick thinking about Jason Gideon taking an acid trip with Jerry and the boys.


Jason heard the strains of Etta James as he busied himself with their appetizers. He took the plates from the oven where they were warming and spooned sauce over the bruschetta. When he came out Emily actually clapped.


“Something to start, mademoiselle.”


“Why am I so excited? It really has been too long.” She sat back in her chair.


“Appetite makes everything taste better.” Jason replied, marveling at her excitement. “At least that’s what I'm hoping.” He closed his eyes and took in the music. “You have excellent taste, by the way. In everything it seems; wine, interests, and music.”


Unfortunately, Emily thought, I do not have good taste in men. I seem to always find the most unattainable creature and fall for him like a ton of bricks. If I can get him to show affection in return, it usually turns into more trouble than it is worth. Still, I haven't felt this good in years and not a damn thing has happened. How do you do that? She smiled, taking bruschetta onto her fork, cooling it and sliding it between her lips.


“Oh my God, Jason, mmm.”


Jason sat beside her, loving the look of ecstasy on her face. He would not mind enjoying that look as much as possible.


“Better than the first taste then?” he asked.


“Nothing is ever better than the first taste.” Emily looked at him. “You know? But it is delicious.”


“Its not that bad, I have to say.” Jason focused on his own plate.


“Not bad? Well, I guess you're used to it. Out there on the road all the time,” she made a face. “I get so tired of Chinese food, burger joints, and diners.”


“Can I make a confession, Emily?”




“You know that I don’t always join the team for dinner. I usually cook on the weekends and stock up for when we’re away. I love a Big Mac every now and again but my stomach cannot take that assault everyday.”


“Oh my God,” her eyes widened. “All this time…this loveliness was just a hotel room away. I think you owe me; that was just mean.”


“I know,” his eyes were downcast. “I didn’t want to seem snobby about the food selection. I thought everyone assumed I was having an early night.” His eyes changed, a glimmer emerged, when he looked at her again. “I could maybe make enough for two.”


“You're a night owl,” Emily replied. “You don’t often get early nights. If I join you for dinner, you might have to make enough for three.”


“Where do you hide all that food?” Jason took a moment to let his eyes roam over her body. “How did you know that I was a night owl anyway? I can make enough for four, and then there is nothing to fight over.”


“I'm a profiler too, Jason, and I learned from one of the best. Probably the best. Sometimes fighting is quite worthwhile…so is making up for that matter.”


“In many ways you're the better profiler, but let’s not get into that. Fighting and making up, huh? I think that’s something we agree on.”


“You are the best, Jason Gideon. You can argue me into next week and I will still win.”


“I surrender already,” Jason held up one hand as he used the other to eat. “But if we are testing your arguing and making up theory…”


Emily liked the idea of his surrender. She liked the idea of making up. Anything he said at that moment, she liked it. Damn, she was done. 


“Don’t make it easy for me.” she replied.


“You like a challenge, I remember.” He sipped his wine and studied her with intense brown eyes.


“You remember?”


“Yes. Its probably one of the first things I noticed about you. In class, at Quantico, I saw that glimmer. You stood out from your peers.”


Jason definitely stood out from the other instructors. His classes were always so hands on, so engrossing. That’s what piqued Emily’s interest from the very first day. Other things didn’t develop until later.


“I am a classic overachiever.”


“You push yourself to the brink, Emily. At times, I found myself concerned. I never said anything because I didn’t want you to think…you would bend far but never break.”


She caused him such confusion. A part of him was so drawn to her; Jason never liked being alone with her. Passion came off Emily Prentiss as fragrance came off other women. Passion for everything, that nearly swept him up more than he cared to remember.


“I'm a Prentiss woman,” Emily said. “Steel spines run in the family.”


“I've only met your mother briefly on one or two occasions. I can see that you are both…determined. Would it be rude of me to say that’s where I believe the similarities end?”


“My mother and I do not have much in common. She doesn’t mind telling me so sometimes. When she was really angry with me growing up, she would shout “You’re just like your damned father!”. So finally she just shipped me off to my damned father.”


“I'm sorry you two don’t see eye to eye.” Jason’s tone softened. He reached his hand out for hers but never quite made it. “Your father must be a wonderful man if you're so alike.”


“Actually, my father is as determined, strong-willed and stubborn as my mother. The difference is that when he crosses the threshold of his home, he becomes daddy. He was a great multi-tasker that way. I went through a rebellious teenage phase but when I got to DC, I was fine. As fine as the teenage daughter of important parents can be.” Emily slid her hand over his.


Jason sighed, stroking the back of her hand with his thumb. It felt so natural, not like the first time at all.


“Rebellious phases are healthy and actually normal. Men usually don’t do so well with multi-tasking, especially when it’s emotional. I am beginning to admire your father very much even though we have never met.”


“He would like you I think. You two could probably go for hours, matching wits.” Emily laughed. “There would be no room for my stepmother and I. He is a master debater and surely the most intelligent man I know. Daddy craves an argument. Didn’t you mention something about crab ravioli?”


“I'm being a terrible host, aren’t I? I get so wrapped up talking to you.”


Jason refilled her wine glass before taking the empty plate from in front of her.


“The ravioli should melt in your mouth. I made the pasta just a few hours ago. I take it that you want more than the tiny restaurant portions.”


“I am a show me kinda girl, Agent Gideon, and I am hungry.”


“Coming right up.” He made his way into the kitchen. 


It excited him that she liked his food. He was enjoying everything about the evening; glad he made the choice of something quiet at home instead of some fancy, busy restaurant in DC or the burbs. Emily was comfortable and Jason saw a side of her that he liked very much.


“I had to leave the saffron sauce in until we were ready.” He said as he returned with a full plate and a smaller one. “I don’t think you would have enjoyed soggy ravioli.”


Emily almost thought he was nervous but that was impossible. It seemed as if he was rambling, though she found that adorable. She thought of backing off but no, why mess with a good thing?


“It looks great,” she said as he sat again. “Is the pasta also from scratch?”


“I have a small pasta maker. It’s actually much easier than people think, just some simple dough that you flatten out. I have these great molds for the ravioli…filling them is what takes the most time. Oh God, you don’t care.” He laughed. “Eat as much as you would like but remember if you clean me out I won't have dinner for Monday.”


“I can live with that,” Emily wore a sensual smile as she tasted it. “One day you'll show me?”


“Anytime you want.” Jason smiled too. “You're heartless though, Emily Prentiss, depriving an old profiler of his meal. If I show you, you have to promise to cook for me.”


“Sure. Just tell me when so I can make sure we have a reservation for the same night. I don’t want to starve you.”


“Practical,” he laughed. “I like it. We both could use a night off.”


“This may sound silly, but I want a morning off.”


“Really?” Jason leaned forward a bit. “Hotch’s morning lectures getting to you already?”


“That man is a morning person by nature. I am because I have to be. I just need one morning, in bed, as long as I want to be. I want my comforter, the curtains drawn, listening to rain beat on the windows.”


“I refuse to believe that Hotch does more than take a power nap daily.” Jason studied her again. He could see the tiredness in her eyes though she certainly did her best to conceal it. He wondered about her under that comforter; wondered if she saw herself alone in such a scenario. “A morning in does sound tempting.”


“I want breakfast in bed. I want coffee and strawberries. Definitely the Washington Post and maybe…” Emily trailed off and went back to her dinner.


“Maybe what?” Jason asked. Say it, he thought, say it and I will do my best to make it happen.


“Skin.” She laughed. “Its silly, we’re never getting a morning off.”


“I have to tell Hotch to cut the team some slack.” He hoped he wasn’t too flustered from her mentioning the word skin. Jason kept looking in her eyes. “We need to keep morale up and a morning or two off would be good.”


“Do not tell him it was my idea, Jason. I am still on probation with him and I don’t want him thinking Princess Prentiss wants everything and late mornings too. I think I'm close to gaining his respect.”


“You're too hard on yourself.” He touched her hand. “Hotch respects you, even if it’s begrudgingly at the moment. He knows what an asset you are to our team…caution is his nature. Don’t worry; I plan to take full credit for the morning off idea.”


“What would you do with a morning off?” Emily asked, leaning closer still. “Its time for some reciprocity.”


“Well, firstly I would spend the night at my cabin so I could wake to birdsong. I would sleep in but if I was alone, not for long. I would take a walk in the woods before coming back to make an amazing breakfast. Some poached eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits…”


Emily leaned so close their lips practically touched.


“What if you weren’t alone?”



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Jax: Creator of Paper Memories: cm // em lips like pillowselekanahmen on December 13th, 2008 04:00 pm (UTC)
you are a terrible creature leaving it off there. i could just pummel you for it! rawr!

but not really

but yes!

but no..

moar moar moar moar moar now now now now now. *stamps foot like veruca salt*
SSA McGeek: Emily Prentiss....shit's hystericalmcgarrygirl78 on December 13th, 2008 05:36 pm (UTC)
I love Veruca Salt!

I'm finishing it up as we speak, you'll have your fix before the end of the day. I am really glad you liked it....it really was the perfect place to end it *evil laugh*
Jax: Creator of Paper Memorieselekanahmen on December 13th, 2008 05:40 pm (UTC)
not even kidding

i just pumped my fists in the air and shouted "YESSSS"
SSA McGeek: Gideon....sweet on hermcgarrygirl78 on December 13th, 2008 05:48 pm (UTC)
And I just got a giggle imagining you doing that : D
(Deleted comment)
SSA McGeek: Emily Prentiss.....smilemcgarrygirl78 on December 13th, 2008 08:22 pm (UTC)
Well thank you, and thank you for reading. Part 2 is up if you want to take a look *pimp alert*

I really appreciate it : )