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25 October 2007 @ 07:31 pm
what a day  

Thursday....what should have been a regular old day was far from it.  Work suddenly got swampy and I think a friend is mad at me.  However, there are streaks of light.  I am a mere four stories away from 500 on the national library and my original story is kinda starting tocome together.  I have no idea where it is going, but I have a beginning and an end.  I just have to squeeze in a middle and we are cooking with gas.  Next week for class I have to be ready to read something aloud.  Though I hate public speaking (its the stares of anticipation I think) I want to be able to do something.  My main character Kath seems to be in the middle of a love triangle, I think, who knows.  She has a casual boyfriend who might want to be more and a girl she used to have a massive crush on come back into her life.  She is also ready to take her work and future seriously as she is about to hit the 30 bump.

I know all about that, sort of.  I love my job, ok, like a lot.  But if I could make something out of this writing thing I would be gone.  And not just my writing, sometimes I feel if I just did something more creative for a living I would be more fulfilled.  Fulfilled does not always pay the bills......most of us are nine to fivers because we owe our first born to Visa, Mastercard, or the people who give you a mortgage.  And sometimes in the middle of all of that you forget that you used to have dreams of being a writer, a fashion designer, or a professional karaoke singer who travels all over the world.  Maybe you wanted to be all three.  You wanted a hip apartment in Manahttan, Toronto, or Georgetown.  You would drive a fast car, sleep with a beautiful man or woman (perhaps both), and have the chicest friends since Carrie met Samantha.

Alas, no.  I am not trying to be depressing, its just that life is rarely as good as HBO.  Even TNT.  I think thats why I write, its like real life with better shoes and hipper addresses.  My characters are svelte and witty at all times.  And when they are nervous or inadequate, it is ridiculously adorable.  Even their uncertainties are sexy......they dont call it escape for nothing you know.

OK, I gotta chow before I pass out.  It's been one of those days and I need to start typing my story too.  I am one of the last people on Earth who writes everything out before I type it, another one of my quirks that I hope is ridiculously adorable.

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I Feel....: blahblah
I Hear....: Jay-Z....I got 99 problems but a b**ch aint one