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24 October 2007 @ 08:20 pm
writing class  
What an excellent class tonight.  Dave was back from his sick hiatus and he brought a great piece to read.  It needed a bit more flesh but I liked it.  Steve is a bit stuck about whether he wants to go first or third person, and Denine has no idea if her lead character will take a leap or stay at her desk.  Me, I am just happy as a clam that my damn character is talking to me after weeks of bupkis.  I am finally getting glimpses into her life, though I am afraid she is a bit too much like me so  I have to pull back a bit.....autobiogrpahical is not my thing.  Though in everything I write there are bits of me.  I dont know a writer who could say any different.

Joe, the teacher, said we should feel free to bring pieces we have written to read or read our current story aloud in class.  Though public speaking is one of my biggest phobias, there are only four of us in class so I am thinking of taking something next week.  I dont know if I have anything short enough in any genre but fic but there are some files I can go through and check it out.

OK, starving like Marvin.  Just got home from class, need to get a grub and then type out my CJ/Leo as I watch Criminal Minds.  I miss Mandy but they seem to be doing alright without him.  I think it is his loss and not ours.  Please dont let it go the way of Chicago Hope, it is an interesting show.  It takes me back to Profiler, though not as dark and with no one as eerily sexy as Ally Walker.

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