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15 December 2007 @ 06:04 pm
something short  

Finished my Christmas shopping today, went to the post office, stood in a long but efficient line.  Went to Borders, was out in a snap.  Went to FYE, stood in a long but slightly less efficient line.  Went to Sears and got a $200 coat for my father on sale for $80 bucks.  I almost did a damn dance I was so happy.  Also bought myself some socks, though I put that on my Christmas wish list because they were there and I am an addict.  Managed to walk past Pizza Hut without getting takeout and that is phenomenal.  It was a good day and now I can get ready for the holiday instead of feeling like I still have more to do.  It's like alternate years for me, last year I ran around at the last minute, the year before I was all zen and stuff, finished before the middle of December.  Life is funny.

Just uploaded my Toby/Ellie to the National Library and am so proud of it.  Hoping for good feedback though I will be fine if I dont get stuff, they are not a pairing many people follow.  Also looking forward to more skin in part 2....thats my favorite thing.  Am having fun figuring out Ellie and writing her, also working with canon post-Administration Toby as it is new for me.  Huck and Molly are going to be a lot of fun though I see Huck giving me more to work with than Molly.  Now I get to enjoy an evening of Christmas tunes and writing a CJ/Leo for John Spencer's birthday on Monday.  He would have been 61 and I miss him lots.  Need to watch some good Leo stuff and get teary eyed.


I'm In....: bedroom
I Feel....: happyhappy
I Hear....: Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas
vegawriters: I'm Not Ready to Say Goodbyevegawriters on December 15th, 2007 11:44 pm (UTC)
I will have to do the post office on Monday - today was spent in stores, finishing off the stuff I can't do online.

I miss John too ...