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14 December 2007 @ 08:05 pm
I'm free to do what I want, any old time  
Well, at least I'm free for the next two days.  Work is whooping my ass, the end of the year is always insane.  I still like it though and I love being busy.  I worked a job for almost five years where I was bored out of my skull.  I thought I would run into the wall just to create some excitement.  I dont have to worry about that at my new job.  With the real work and the crazy ass tenants there is always an adventure.  Next week the focus is cleaning up the accounts and handling the move outs for November and December.  My GM also gave all of us this form where we have to discuss what our jobs are and where we see ourselves in the future.  I really hate that kind of shit but written really big on the form it says THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL.  I dont want to end up saying the wrong thing and getting more work or even worse, being viewed as insipid.  I want to write on there that I want more money but I dont know how that is going to go over, though it states you should be truthful.  Its for the boss's eyes only.  Still, I think that might be too much.  I dont even know where I see myself in the future....I like my job but I definitely want to be better organized in 2008 and see myself having a more active role with the attorneys just because I handle the money and I think it would be easier for me to cut out the middle man of my GM, who just comes to me and asks a thousand questions anyway.

Other news....a storm is heading our way but we wont get the brunt of it thankfully.  It will snow for a few hours but the weather man said no more than a coating to an inch.  Then it will turn to rain most of the day Sunday.  This is the perfect weekend to spend inside except I have to go out tomorrow morning, get my dad's Christmas gift and then go to the post office.  I am going to be spanning the whole city tomorrow to do it.  Just call me Magellan.  Anyway, hope the weather guy is right and we dont get a boatload of snow, though snow never bothers me unless I have to trudge through it and most of it would be cleared by Monday morning anyway.

Toby and Ellie, part one is done.  I thought of posting it here but it is too long so I will just upload it to the National Library and be done with it.  Already have things in my head for part two but that has to wait because I have to write my cute CJ/Leo for John Spencer's birthday.  I have literally no ideas but am hoping they will get going in my head.....it usually doesnt take much.  Think I want to go canon for this one.....a little Jackal maybe.  In my universe he was thinking of proposing the night Mendoza was confirmed so that might be really fun.  See, I just talked myself into an idea with so little effort.  Woo-hoo!!!!!

50 hours of rest, relaxation, writing, laundry and Christmas wrapping is coming this girl's way.  I have eaten, showered and now I am officially ready to chill.  Bring it on.  I wish I had a beer right now.  I gotta get a six-pack or something to keep for these kinds of occasions.  A beer would totally hit the spot right  now.
I'm In....: Pine Street
I Feel....: chipperchipper
I Hear....: Jimmy Eat World, 'Your House'
vegawriters: Raise Your Fist (Coheed and Cambria)vegawriters on December 15th, 2007 05:40 am (UTC)
Never worry about being seen as anything other than fabulous at your place of employment. They love you.

Good luck with the storm. Our clouds cleared out today and now it's just effing freezing.