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10 December 2007 @ 06:06 pm
the first day of the rest of the week  
Had one of those days where I was in between payments, the banking was done Thursday and the subsidies did not arrive until the late afternoon.  I call those kind of days 'thumb up my bum' days.  I was finally able to spend some time organizing all the crapola that has gotten way out of control these past couple of months when I was super busy.  Left my Christmas CD at home so I only heard Wham once on the radio instead of the three times an hour I would have played it on my computer.  My co-workers were pleased.  The accountants are back for the end of the year brouhaha and the cute one I had a crush on last year is there too.  Yes, eye candy for the next two weeks.  I almost asked him out last year but punked out......will not even attempt this year.  This guy has to have a girlfriend (maybe he is one of those married guys who doesnt wear a ring) because he is just dressed to nice to be single....someone has to be picking out his ties.  I love a man in a good tie.

My Dusty in Memphis CD that had been on backorder finally arrived today.  Oh joy and rapture....I love Dusty.  I plan to play this until people around me want to kill me.  It was one of those tapes I never replaced when I moved permanently to CD about 12 years ago.  Funny how things just get away from you.  Speaking of getting away from me, still havent mailed my Christmas cards ( as if I have a bunch or something).  I am such a procrastinator.  If it were a sport in the Olympics I would have more gold medals than Mark Spitz.  

Thinking of Leo.................just wanted to say that.  Isnt the anniversary of John Spencer's death coming up?  Oh God, that must be it.  I want to say I hate that day but my mother says I must not say I hate things.  I always write a really cute story about Leo every year on that day.....that must be why he is in my head right now, doing adorable things.  I miss him, he should have another drama on TV this season.
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vegawriters: Lost in Confusion (Operator)vegawriters on December 11th, 2007 12:39 am (UTC)
Wow, yeah the anniversary of his death is coming up. What will it be ... two ... three years? Two years I guess. It's on Sunday. Wow.

And, speaking like the chicken that I am ... I'd still strike up the conversation about the guy and ask if he's single or not. It never hurts and sometimes it hurts more to not.

Talk to ya later.
SSA McGeek: Mr. and Mrs. McGarrymcgarrygirl78 on December 11th, 2007 01:33 am (UTC)
I wrote The Second Date the day he died and I Know I Reached the Right Destination and I Know It's Real on the 1st anniversary. Dont know what I am going to do this year but it has to be CJ/Leo and it has to be adorable.
vegawritersvegawriters on December 11th, 2007 02:57 am (UTC)
It will be.