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22 October 2007 @ 08:12 pm
back to the salt mines  

My four day weekend ends today.....it was pretty good.  Did some shopping with my mom, watched way too much Boston Legal on DVD, didnt manage to watch any West Wing, bought Cross in paperback, and the last official Misty Mundae DVD.  It was productive.  I had fun sleeping in and staying up late to write, though I didnt get anything done for my story for my class on Wednesday, though my fanfic was pretty productive.  My teacher is going to kill me.....how can I write CJ and Leo so thoroughly and not my original stuff?  Thats a question, someone answer it.

I bought a totally awesome Rat Pack poster that is going to take up a whole wall in my bedroom, had to retire The Smiths poster that I have had up there for way too many years.  While of course I am still a fan, I have moved a bit past that phase in my life so it was sad to see it go but it was also like a milestone to remove it.  Its the wall behind my computer desk though so putting up this new one will be quite an adventure.  I plan to do it this Saturday.    It has Frank, Dean, Sammy, and I think Peter Lawford, playing pool, drinking and talking smack......as they should be remembered.  Wearing suits and looking ridiculously cool.  They always looked cool and actually seeing the poster gave me a story idea, which I am not sure I want to  write here cuz anyone can read it and write it before I can.  Still, I think its gonna be sweet.

Not much happening right now, just wanted to post up.....everyone says I have to write everyday but that could get kinda boring for someone who might stumble onto my musings.  When I get the hang of this and start to get more into it I am sure my likes will come out.....when the election gets closer I will talk about it.  I will talk about the books I read and the movies I see.  But this first week I have just been blah blah blahing......promise to get more spicy in the future ; )

I Feel....: goodgood
I Hear....: none...watching a special on BTK.
vegawriters: LH_Angelvegawriters on October 23rd, 2007 01:41 am (UTC)
Ah yes, but the joy of these (sometimes) is being able to blather on and on about nothing and everything and blah.

Glad you had a good weekend :) I'm scampering off to try and not freak out too much about my stats midterm. Repeat after me: you understand this stuff better than you think you do.