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10 November 2007 @ 07:47 pm
random bouts of randomness  
How is this for crazy....How the Grinch Stole Christmas is on!  Its not even Thanksgiving and they are already playing Christmas stuff.  Dont get me wrong, cuz I'm watching it.  It's one of my favorites and I will probably see it about 22 times before Boxing Day.  Absolute insanity.

The Wizard of Oz is coming on again tonight and while I wont be watching it in its entirety, I plan to watch Judy Garland sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  I love it.

I bought sweaters today *yay* but no socks.  I saw some totally cool peacoats in Old Navy and I do need a new one but they didnt ahve my size.  Curses!!!  I think I will go to their website tonight and look.  Sometimes when I shop a lot at one store I tend to forget they have websites.  I'm a bit too busty and chunky for their skinny girl clothes but I love their men's tee shirts, sweaters, and hoodies.  On the website they also have a pretty extensive plus-size section, though I hate that term.  We bigger ladies gotta come up with something sexier.

I avoided Suncoast like the plague today because I know I would have left with some movies.  I am a major film buff but hardly have time to watch the ones I do own.....now is not the time to add others to the fold.  Maybe for Christmas.

Wrote this fic drabble while staring at my poster this evening.  Have actually had it in one form or another in my head since the day I saw the poster in the store but it finally came to fruition today.  Check it out.  People who read my fic will know immediately what's happening.  If you dont read my fic I hope anyone who reads it likes it.

Title: Googling Halloween
Author: Montiese
Category: Humor
Characters: Leo, CJ, Toby, Charlie, Josh, Sam
Pairing: CJ/Leo
Rating: CHILD
Summary: “I don’t plan to spend the night bobbing for apples and listening to the
                  Monster Mash.”
Author’s Note: This is #38 in the CJ McGarry: Second Lady series. The conversation
                          was inspired from a poster that now hangs on my wall.
“Charlie is going to be Sammy.”
“Yeah, and it has nothing to do with the fact that we are kindred spirits…the only brother in the pack. I could be Dino if I wanted to,” he drank some of his beer. “I have that kind of charisma. I could pull off Dino no problem.”
“I'm sure you could.” Toby replied. “But you can't be Dino because I'm Dino. Sam, you're Peter Lawford.”
“What? I don’t know him well at all. He is the Kennedy brother-in-law, right? I guess I can look him up on Wikipedia or do a Google search to get better insight into his character.”
“His character Sam? It’s a Halloween costume, not a final exam.” Leo said chuckling.
“I like to be very thorough with every undertaking, Mr. Vice-President. I take that very seriously.”
“That means he’s a nerd.” Charlie clarified.
“Oh right, as if you can talk.”
They all laughed. Toby flipped open the pizza box and they started eating the perfect Friday night meal after a long day at the White House.
“I think I am going to need a new suit.” Leo said. “I'm not sure if I have the quintessential Frank Sinatra suit in my closet.”
“You have a hell of a lot of clothes.” Toby said. “Give it a look first. I'm telling you, you have too many clothes. You might even rival your wife with all those dress shirts, ties, and suits you have. Not to mention that you’ve gone a bit overboard in your attempt to be more casual.”
“You mention it anyway though, don’t you? Just because I don’t own seven suits for every day of the week like some people I know does not make me a diva.”
“Eight.” Charlie replied. “He has one for Temple.”
“Shut up.” Toby said, though he could not argue the Temple thing. He did seem to wear the same one. He would wear it two Saturdays in a row and then take it to the cleaners every other Monday. Was he really that boring? Maybe, but Leo was still a diva.
“I have more than seven suits. Josh is the one with suits labeled for the days of the week, not me.”
“Hey, don’t drag me into this.” Josh said. “Especially since I was just about to compliment your new ability to pick out quality ties.”
“Thanks, I guess.”
“I want to know what member of the Rat Pack I get to be for Halloween.”
“Oh.” Charlie cleared his throat. “We just assumed…isn’t the President having a party?”
“Sure, but he has a nine year old and a thirteen year old. I don’t plan to spend the night bobbing for apples and listening to the Monster Mash. C’mon, help me out.”
“No one said you couldn’t come Josh.” Toby said. “You just can't be in the Rat Pack. That’s our thing.”
“Ouch.” Josh put his hand over his heart as Toby rolled his eyes. “That cut deep…I thought we were boys. We are practically family.”
“Whatever gave you that idea?” the former Communications Director mumbled.
Year three of the Santos-McGarry Administration and Toby had just stopped scowling at Josh. It took a mild heart attack and Josh’s persistence. He knew Toby loved him… everybody loved him. Nora’s threats to her husband helped. 
“There was another guy Toby.” Charlie said.
“See.” Josh pointed to himself.
“Whatever. I'm Dino; I don’t give a damn who Josh is.”
“Who am I?” Josh asked.
“Who was the other guy sir?” Charlie asked Leo. “The funny one?”
“Joey Bishop. Maybe we should watch Ocean’s Eleven before the party…get a vibe.”
“Good idea.” Sam said. “I love the scene when Julia Roberts…”
“The original Sam!” the Vice-President exclaimed. “What have I gotten myself into?”
“So, let me get this straight…I have to be the nobody guy?”
Josh tried to console himself with a slice of pizza but it was veggie’s lovers. No doubt, this was CJ and Nora’s doing. He plucked off the black olives.
“Joey Bishop was a damn funny guy. He was the last surviving member of the Rat Pack and just as integral to their success as the other four. Have some respect Josh.”
“Or go to the President’s kiddie party.” Toby added.
“Alright, alright, I will be Joey. I'm much more excited to see what the ladies will be wearing.”
The Vice-President was throwing a 60s Vegas Halloween party at the Hilton Washington. It had been CJ’s idea. She was actually quite a big fan of Halloween…this year she wanted to celebrate. She got a kick out of costume parties and thought they could get away with something more decadent by selling tickets. Every dime was going to various Alzheimer’s groups and research facilities around the country.
 Over 200 guests purchased tickets at $250. Money spent on craps, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, and the slots would also go to various charities. They planned to turn two ballrooms into a casino and dinner lounge, complete with performers and cigarette girls. The Second Lady went all out; everyone was excited to see the results. CJ did a good job of keeping her plans secret.
“Man,” Josh threw down his half-eaten pizza. “Veggie pizza sucks.”
“There are hungry kids in China.” Charlie said.
“Since Toby thought having a heart attack was a good idea, our wives have ganged up on us.” Leo said.
“Yeah, it was a great idea.” Toby grumbled.
“Don’t worry Leo, I like vegetables.” Sam replied.
“Of course you do.” Josh patted his back.
“Leo, I'm…” CJ stopped when she saw the small group in her kitchen. “Home.”
“Welcome back baby.” He got up from the table and kissed her. “I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow afternoon.”
“We wrapped it up early. What's this?”
“We’re finalizing the Halloween thing.” Charlie said.
“Oh. Isn’t my husband going to be dapper as Frank Sinatra?” she straightened Leo’s tie.
“Adorable.” Toby batted his eyelashes.
Leo cut his eyes at his Deputy but the other men laughed.
“It’s nice to see you guys but I'm going to be a party pooper and kick you the hell out of my house. I've been out of town for three days and haven’t the energy to service the five of you.”
“Some other time?” Sam asked.
“Of course Spanky. Remember I like it kinda rough.”
They finished their beers, even managed to recycle the bottles before heading out of the McGarry kitchen single file.
“Goodnight CJ. Goodnight Mr. Vice-President.”
“Bye guys. We’ll talk in the morning Toby.”
“Yes sir.”
CJ held up her hand to wave.
“Goodnight Dino, Sammy, Peter…who the hell is Josh going to be?”
“Joey Bishop.” Leo replied.
“Goodnight Joey.”
“Later Claudia Jean.” Josh shouted back.

 Will finally have gas tomorrow, they are saying somewhere between 12 and 4.  I gotta tell you, it hasnt been horrendous, though I dont recommend it with the weather turning really cold.  But this heater I have in my room keeps it nice and cozy.  Even warmer than the heat would since my radiator is older than Methusulah and the heat always comes out with serious reluctance.  I cant wait to take a hot shower and put some hotdogs on the stove.

Downtown with the little tomorrow for the First Lady display at the Constitution Center.  Think I am going to take her to see the Bee Movie next week.  I have never thought Jerry Seinfeld was the funniest stand up comedian but I have a special place in my heart for certain epsiodes of his show and his voice just makes me laugh.

I smoked too much today.  When I have free Saturdays where I spend the day writing I have what I call Edward R. Murrow afternoons, where there are just cigarettes everywhere.  It gets smoky in here like I was in a bar circa 1955.  I think I want to make a new Year's Resolution to quit.  I have been stickign to my New Year's Resolution from 3 years ago of just a half a pack a day so maybe it is time for me to push it more.  I hate New Year's Resolutions.


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vegawriters: DearLJvegawriters on November 11th, 2007 03:20 am (UTC)
There is NOTHING wrong with Veggie pizza!!!!! ;-)
SSA McGeek: Patty at sunsetmcgarrygirl78 on November 11th, 2007 03:35 am (UTC)
Yeah, its yummy-riffic :p
linwe_eowynlinwe_eowyn on November 11th, 2007 11:33 am (UTC)
lol yeah I know the Christmas decorations are even up everywhere here and we probably have the shows too. A bit early in my opinion.
I hate New Years resolutions too. Mostly people don't keep them anyway. But good thing you'd like to quit smoking. :)
SSA McGeek: Mr. and Mrs. McGarrymcgarrygirl78 on November 11th, 2007 01:51 pm (UTC)
I'd like to but whoo, it is going to be a bitch. I think if I pair it up with some marathon training it might work in my favor. They say the best way to quit is cold turkey, one day at a time. It might be like one minute at a time for me but I am willing to try.