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03 November 2007 @ 10:56 am
I just had breakfast and I think I really need to clean.  I dont want to but this have this overwhelming urge that  I think I will indulge in.  I hate being domesticated.  It is my dream to have someone here to do this for me except I think I hate people touching my stuff even more than I hate cleaning.  OK, so Ginny has a Josh and I want one too :-)  We all need that guy, or person (our Josh can be a girl) in our lives that can have our back in one instant and make us want to strangle them in the next.  We need that friend who is there rain or shine and sometimes you two get into really sticky situations that are only funny years later.  We need that person who butts in on everything and can even sometimes be right.  I used to have that person but now they are gone.....I'm holding auditions for the new Josh.  All interested can apply right here.

In other news, Leo and Devlin are going well and when I was out yesterday buying a birthday gift for my sister, I found the greatest pair of socks with little toes!!!!!!  I have a bit of a sock obsession, I am one of those people who where them all year round and many times they reflect my moods.  Old Navy used to be the place to be for socks but they seemed to have gone for this more 'need to be taken seriously' thing lately and I can't find all the crazy ones there like I used to.  I also go to this little store called DOTS, that place rocks.  Metal Mania is on my TV right now....man, the 80s were a crazy time.  Some of the things I thought were the collest were actually pretty cheesy.  Its nice to look back on it now and get a laugh.

OK, time for me to write some more and surf the net to find out more about Philly.  Right now they are not ready to leave the hotel room but they will and they have to go somewhere.
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vegawriters: Guitarsvegawriters on November 3rd, 2007 06:39 pm (UTC)
I could really just use someone to come in and put my laundry away. That's all I'm asking.

In the book that I'm reading about the history of Rock and Roll, the essayist comments over and over that there will probably never be another time like there was for the Beatles, but following close behind was the INSANITY of the hair metal world of the 80's. From Van Halen to Slayer, it was all so important.

Yay for socks. :)