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07 January 2008 @ 07:17 pm
obligatory political rant....and other things too  
I was all ready to do my political rant today on the eve of the New Hampshire primary but then I got stuck at work until 6:45 and lost every ounce of my steam.  But I'll throw something out there anyway because I'm uber-tired of politics and only want to say this once and then life can go on as it always does.

I am a Democrat.  I am a lifelong Democrat but it would wrong to call me a flaming liberal.  I have a lot of conservative leanings and I think it is silly for anyone to be one thing, IMHO.  Now I took this Presidential poll thing on strangersnight's LJ and it said the candidate that closely resembled my answers was John Edwards....70%.  Well, well, well, that shocked me.  I dont feel as if he is getting enough press in this Clinton-Obama trench warfare thing happening right now, so I dont quite know what his campaign is all about.  its grassroots and I know he talks about helping the middle class, which means the working class but no one wants to call it that anymore because it evokes too many thoughts of fat guys in flannel and ladies in the supermarket in stirrups with loud kids....blue collar Joe Average folks......and no one wants to think of themselves that way.  But I am going to look into Edwards' campaign a little more.  I am still undecided about who I'm voting for anyway.  I keep hearing things about Ron Paul...Want to do some reasearch on him too.  Yeah, he's a Republican but I refuse to count anyone out until I know what that person is about.  I think I might check out his website tonight too.

I cant stand how the people in the race cannot answer a direct question.  Hell you ask them if the sun is shining and they give you a 500 word symposium on energy efficiency in the 21st century and at the end you're like 'WTF!  Is the sun shining or not?'  Its insane to me.  Whats also insane is the personal attacks.....I find it appaling and it makes me less likely to vote for you.....HILLARY, What are you doing?  Dont be a hater cuz you lost the caucus...dont get personal, that will make you look like a bitch.  Though it is kinda funny to see people pick on Romney.  Not because he's a Mormon, but because I think he is the biggest flip-flopper I have ever seen in my life.  He would tell you its raining to get you to elect him on a perfectly sunny day.  

I have no clue who Mike Huckabee is.  I mean I know he is former governor of Arkansas and I saw him on the Daily Show about a year and a half ago talking about his book, which seemed really interesting.  But now he doesnt even seem like that guy, and I dont know what to think of him.  I dont think there are any clear frontrunners in the GOP right now.  And it looks like Obama might take the Dem side though nothing can truly be said until the votes are tallied.  One thing I hope, and I know it is an idealistic and nearly unattainable hope, but I hope when the nominees are picked and its time to get started, they choose to run a clean campaign.  Yes, I may watch too much West Wing, but what is the harm?  I am sick to death of the politics of fear and more fear.   

I also think John Mccain is too old to be President.  I dont mean to discriminate based on age and I know we have more older Americans than ever before but I dont think he is the one.  Eight years ago, I thought he should have beat Bush, though I would not have voted for him but he didnt and now is no longer his time.....his time has passed.  So, thats my opinion on the whole thing right now.  Other stuff happened today but mostly working like a fiend and trying not to kill tenants.  Not that important in the long run and I'm tired as hell after writing all of that.
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.smomintots on January 8th, 2008 09:23 pm (UTC)
I dunno about this Mike Huckabee either. He's kinda been blown to the sidelines. But his last name is simply amazing. Huckabee. . . I could use that in a story possibly. . .